Other gods in Ganesha shrine


Goddess of compassion or Guan Yin is one of the most worship bodhisattvas.  This 200-year old wood statue is from Vietnam.

Chao Mae Lim Ko Niao

A real historical figure from China who came to what was then Siam to look for her brother who married Pattani governor.  She is well known among Thais, Malaysians and Singaporeans as a patron of good health and fortune.


Patron god of safe sea travel, with her two helpers, Tiān-shàng-shèng-mǔ can know cries for help in the ocean and help those in needs.

Xuán tiān shàngdì

As the cardinal god of the north and one of the god generals, he is worshiped by his awesome power to eradicate devils.  This 200-year old wood sculpture is from China.

Guan Yu

A real historical figure form the period of the Romance of the Three Kingdom, for Chinese and Thais alike, Guan Yu represent bravery, loyalty, morality and righteousness.

The Lord Brahma

As one of the highest god of Hinduism, the lord Brahma also worshiped for his generosity to grant wishes and control of destiny.  This bronze statue is about 200 years old cast in Indian style.

The Jar Garden

For Chinese, Jar symbolizes maintained wealth.  This Jar Garden exhibits jars from many periods and many styles, for example, a male Sukhothai jar dated back 800 years or an antique olive jar dated back few hundred years.

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